Church Is Largely a Sham

anti-itch meditation

Many Christians would rather feel holy/spiritual/righteous/good than actually be holy/spiritual/righteous/good.

Church becomes a place that makes sinners feel better about themselves without addressing their sin.

Since sin isn’t addressed, people go home and sin. Then they feel bad because deep down they know sin is bad. They feel guilty.

What shall we do with the guilt?

Ooo, ooo! I know: Let’s get together and sing happy songs and exchange happy thoughts until we all feel holy/spiritual/righteous/good again!

Awesome! All the guilt goes away. We all feel loved and fulfilled. All ready for a new week of sinning!

This goes on week after week until finally the person just gives up. They know the whole thing is a sham. Church practice shows that sin isn’t that big of a deal anyway. I did my time. God loves me, the church has told me that for years, so, I’m out.

On the…

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3 responses to “Church Is Largely a Sham

  1. Michael Butler

    Hello brother

    A quick, quiet comment on this post; I’m not sure the tone and perhaps even the content is quite right. It seems harsh, graceless even a little ruthless. To say Satan is filling the church, without clarifying that is not right – we, you and me who love the Lord are part of that church too. There is much wrong with it, but also some good even in the institutional variety. There is a difference between exhortation and senseless criticism. Personally I don’t think this becomes your blog, usually of a high quality. Just my thoughts, maybe from the Lord, not sure.

    Incidentally, if ever you feel I overstep the mark in my writings you have my permission.

    Bless you and Joan today, we think of you often.


    – Michael

    *”He is no fool in this life, who gives up what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose”*


    • Thanks Michael for your very thoughtful comment on Jeff’s post. It’s certainly not my style but there is a place to be hard in order to be heard. Jesus was very hard where hypocrisy reigned and Paul could be caustic with tears with respect to many of the assemblies he addressed. Satan does indeed appear to be in control of the many who frequent religious services. Jeff’s description is apt for many places and he qualifies his remarks a couple of times. Churchgoers are constantly assured of “’Peace, peace’ when there is no peace”. And we dont have to be churchgoers either to deserve the stern yet gracious voice of the Lord to be serious about sin. His post spoke clearly to me and to others. Bless you!


      • One more thing Michael! You are right about us all who love the Lord belong to, and are being build into God’s dwelling, his household, the Body of Christ! In him we can trust we are delivered from Satan’s dominion. But Jeff’s keen observations and sharp words addressed some local meetings and not the Bride of Christ washed in his blood.


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