Body building

I am sure you are familiar with the Lord’s word in Matthew 6 : “seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and his righteousness …”. These words are addressed to his disciples and the verb and pronouns in the original Greek are all plural not singular. For the Kingdom of Heaven cannot be experienced alone (as individuals only) but in community and fellowship with one another. God is building a body all over the world and in every place, with members through which he may express his splendour and the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the action of the Holy Spirit, here, there and everywhere.

The Kingdom of God cannot be experienced solo.

Many people still think that church-going pleases God. What we see in most churches is a mob of individuals turning up for their weekly dose of religion, saying their private prayers, making their private communion, taking in their private thoughts from the professional religionist.

But the Lord’s plan has always been to form groups of people as a body that reflects both the human body with many members who act together in harmony and who reflect the love and fellowship that exists within the Godhead.

To think and act otherwise is to ignore or even to disobey the will of God. Or is it because we can be so indoctrinated by traditions?

2 responses to “Body building

  1. Thanks very much for your encouraging comments. What you said is so important. Let’s keep talking about this–we have good precedents in all the apostolic writings.


  2. This is the key to understanding the New Covenant. We are born into the Body of Christ. Individualism is contrary to our organic community life in the Body of Christ. We are many members.


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