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Your Greatest Days Are Before You

DARE TO BELIEVE! By Veronika West August 24, 2022

Dare to believe!

by Veronika West August 26, 2022

“Why so down cast, My Beloved? As if a dark cloud of Unbelief and Fear has descended upon you.

Behold, I AM not a God who is distant or unapproachable, uninterested, or too busy to give you My full Attention.

No! I AM not deaf to your cries or blind to your needs. I AM a Loving Father who is near to those who draw near to Me.

Look! I have unlimited resources available for all My Children. I know no limitation or lack.

The Righteous will never beg for bread, but will always have more than enough. Super-abundance, awaits those who wait expectantly on Me.

See! In the midst of darkness, I AM Light! In War and Conflict, I AM Peace. In a world full of hatred and evil doers, I AM Love and I AM Good, full of tender Mercy and Loving Kindness.

In times of grief, I AM Comfort and Strength. In loneliness and isolation, My Radiant Presence is all that you need.

Beloved, My watchful Eye is always upon you, for I have hidden you from your enemies and shielded you from their vicious attacks.

Under the Shadow of My Wing, you are protected from the heat of the noonday sun and preserved from every danger that lurks in darkness.

So Lift up your head that hangs low, and look only to Me. Lean on Me, and I will be an ever-present Helper.

Even My Angels stand ready to go forth to War for you; to prepare a way for you; to level the Mountains and fill in the valleys.

Let your heart Rejoice, for the Battle is already Won and the Victory is assured!

Ha! Yes, I laugh at your enemies. Come up higher, and you will laugh at your enemies too.

You will see that those who think they are winning, are actually losing, and the gallows they have built for another, shall become the place for their own demise and destruction.

Watch! Soon and very soon, they will have enough rope for their own hanging. Who do they think they are, as if the breathe in their lungs were given to them by man?

My Heart is grieved, for the hearts of men are truly wicked, all day long. Yet in My great Mercy, I AM still mindful of them, waiting for their hearts to turn in true Repentance for their wicked deeds.

tipping point

But surely I tell you, the Bowls of their Iniquity are now at a Divine Tipping Point. My patience will soon run out, and My Justice and Judgments will not be restrained forever.

Suddenly, swiftly and quickly, as if a light switch was flicked on, I shall come with My Vengeance and with My Glory, and The Spirit of The Fear of The LORD shall grip their wicked hearts, and their stiff necks shall be broken, and many will fall as dead men in their tracks.

I shall not be mocked!

Therefore Warriors, do not grow weary in your Prayers and Petitions, day and night, for My Courts are now in Session and I sit as a Righteous Judge over The Nations.

Watch! For have I not said, that in these last days I shall perform the same Miracle that I did at first?

Yes! Water shall be turned to Wine, for I AM not governed by time.

hourglass graphic

Look! A Kairos Time, for now the Archangel with the Hourglass in his hand stands before you, and The Nations of the Earth, holding the Sands of Time.

Watch and Listen, as a Divine Acceleration, Acceleration, Acceleration, begins to take place!

Watch! As I take you back to your future, Divine Reversals, as Generational Curses shall be reversed and Covenant Blessings shall be released

Nations that have been held captive shall be let go — for surely, I stand over My Word to perform it!

As I send it out, it always, always produces fruit — and fruit that shall remain.

Yes! It will accomplish all I want it to, and it will prosper everywhere I send it.

Oh Beloved, if only you had a greater understanding of My Ways and My Thoughts, then you would be at Peace and great expectation would fill your hearts.

You would walk in such Power and Authority, nothing would weigh you down or distract you from the purposes for which I created you.

What time is wasted by worry and anxiety, as if the spirit of fear can change anything!

My Beloved, you need a deeper Revelation of the Perfect and Complete Love that I have for you, then, and only then, will you become unstoppable, a True Warrior who strikes fear in the heart of the enemy, and a real and present danger to the kingdom of darkness, and you will become as the Violent, who will take the kingdom by force.

Beloved, I have fashioned you for War, and made you a weapon in My great Arsenal.

As you position yourself in Me, and place your life in My Hands, fully yielded and surrendered to My Way and Will, you will live in the fullest of blessing and My highest purpose!

Will you dare to believe, that surely I have kept the best for last, and that your greatest days are before you?”

Paul, the Thessalonians and the Coming of Jesus

The apostle Paul, writing about 51 AD to believing Christians living in the Roman city of Thessalonica, expected with them, an imminent, soon return of the Lord. How can I say this?

That’s easy: Paul wrote that these Thessalonian believers had ‘turned from idols to serve the living God and to wait for his son from heaven(see 1 Thessalonians 1:10).

Please read that again. Paul believed they (and Paul himself) were waiting for Jesus to come from heaven. Let the implications of that sink in. Yair I know. That’s a challenge.

As we read this letter today, bear in mind we are reading mail written to believers living 2000 years ago.

We must resist the temptation to think we are being addressed by Paul or by the Holy Spirit.

This was not about us!

Let me ask you, who still await Jesus’ coming, a very important question.

Do you really, seriously, logically imagine that those same real believers who eagerly read Paul’s words, were then terribly disappointed because as they continued to notice others of their community, one by one, passing away while Jesus still had not come, as Paul said!

If Jesus still had not come then–which is what many modern believers seem to hold—and when the last one of those original Thessalonian believers would have passed away, can you imagine the consternation, the feelings of utter despair and loss of trust in God that would have followed?

Today, some 2000+ years have passed since those original Thessalonian believers were alive. So if you hold the view that Jesus is yet to appear a second time, then their faith must have been totally in vain.

Totally in vain.

Come on. Think about it for a minute: If Jesus’ coming was near for these believers, it cannot be near for us, can it? And if Jesus’ coming is still coming near for us today, you must conclude Paul was in gross error.

Do you see the problem? Your problem?

Ask yourself this question: if those Thessalonians were wrong by expecting Jesus to come within their lifetime, why didn’t Paul correct them? Why didn’t he write ‘no, you’ve got it wrong, Jesus won’t be coming for a long, long, time!’

But Paul did not correct them, instead he continued to encourage them as he wrote this letter to encourage them and then followed it with another letter, which we call Second Thessalonians, with further encouragements.

Can you see the dilemma for you today if you are still expecting Jesus to return?

That is logically impossible if you trust Paul’s letters are the word of God.

‘This Generation’ or That?

Jesus said:

‘Assuredly I say to you, THIS generation will not pass away until all these things take place’.

Jesus spoke those unbelievable, riveting, unforgettable words directly to some of his disciples on the Mount of Olives, (Matthew 24:34, Mark 13:30, Luke 21:30).

In these passages, the context demands that he was speaking to his disciples during the week before his death and resurrection. He was not speaking to us today. That is important.

So which generation did Jesus mean? Taking the plain meaning of the text, Jesus was referring to his own generation—the generation of those he was addressing right there on the Mount of Olives.

When we read in the gospels Jesus’ words, we are committed to accepting those words as true, right?

But some scholars teach that Jesus must have meant some future generation—surely he could not have been referring to his own generation!

Thus, irrationally and against all sound hermeneutical principles, they insist he meant an unknown, vague, future generation, and they change Jesus’ word from THIS to THAT!

Why this strange interpretation? This departure from standard grammatical understanding.

Why? Of course, they have to avoid the obvious meaning because they are dogmatically committed to a future return of Jesus. They cannot bear to believe he spoke of the relative closeness of his coming.

Jesus prophesied to those disciples on the Mount of Olives, several things would have to happen before His hearers’ generation had passed away. These events included the fall of the Jerusalem temple –an astounding event, impossible for Jews to accept—but also that He would return.

Yet many of the same scholars and teachers have no problem in accepting that Jesus spoke literally about the coming fall of the Jerusalem temple. They accept that as an historical fact. Seems like they feel they have the authority to change Jesus’ words to suit their doctrine!

Think about that for a minute.

If Jesus meant to say “that generation”, indicating a future generation, the writers would have used either the Greek word ekeinos or tote, and not the Greek hoytos. But they used the Greek word hoytos.

Let’s look at these words more closely.  

The Greek word ekeinos is overwhelmingly translated as that (99x) or those (40x) — i.e., a future generation. Also in the vast majority of cases the Greek tote is translated as then (149x) or that time (4x)— i.e., a future generation.

Thus at Mat 24:10 Jesus says “And at that time (Grk tote) many will fall away, and they will betray one . . . .” And at Mat 24:30, he said “And then (Grk tote)  the sign of the Son of Man will appear in . . .” future!

BUT the word hoytos is translated most texts by this (157x) or these (59x)—i.e., the present generation. For example, “This (hoytos) gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world . . . .” (Mat 24:14)

So then, there is no logical reason to exclude the plain fact that Jesus spoke of his soon coming.

Further, there is no doubt the disciples took Jesus’ words “this generation” to mean soon, at the door, at hand. They knew His coming was imminent, perhaps even in their lifetime. We see it in all their writings.

Their letters in the N.T. frequently reflect their expectancy of a soon coming, though the hour and day were unknown. We read of their warnings, their urgency to proclaim the gospel of the Kingdom of God and their urgings for their readers to live righteously.

Now let’s look at some instances of Jesus’ phrase this generation in the gospels, paying close attention to the context of each. You will see they consistently refer to the people alive then as Jesus spoke: See Matthew 12:41-42, 12:45, 17:17, Mat 23:35-36, Mark 8:12, 31:30, Luke 17:25, 21:30. That’s just a few.

Mat 24:34f, Mk 13:30f, Lu 21:30f. NKJV. Assuredly, I say to you, this (Grk hoytos) generation will by no means pass away till all these things take place.

In all three synoptic gospels! And all three carry the word assuredly! (Grk amen) and the affirmation that though heaven and earth could pass away, his words stand forever!

So who would dare to change his plain words?

To do so makes Jesus a false prophet or a liar!


In the Olivet discourse of Matthew, Mark and Luke, the generation named by Jesus can only mean the generation of people Jesus was addressing and this is consistent with the other numerous references of his using the phrase this generation.

There is no logical or hermeneutical reason why we should not believe and accept that Jesus spoke literally about “all these things will come upon this generation.” (Mat 24:34).

The letters in the New Testament frequently reflect the expectancy of a soon coming, though the hour and day were unknown. We read of their warnings, their urgency to proclaim the gospel of the Kingdom of God and their urgings for their readers to live righteously.