Ian and his wife live in Brisbane Australia. They have six adult children and eleven grandchildren. They enjoy opening their home to others for conversation.

Ian Thomson loves helping people understand the Bible and its main subject, the Jewish Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth. Ian and Joan open their home for fellowship and the equipping of believers for the work of the gospel. Ian believes passionately that there is ample evidence for the life, death and the bodily resurrection of Jesus and that these events together with the coming of the Holy Spirit and the immense resources, authority, power and tools given Jesus’  followers have changed everything for everybody who will follow Jesus as Lord.

Ian is passionate about sustainability, renewable energy, care of the earth, and is a home gardener.

“The earth and all of its fullness belongs to the Lord!”  Psalm 24.

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  1. Nice to meet you, Ian. I live in the countryside of southeastern Wisconsin, in the USA. I have read all three of your posts on divorce and remarriage–you seem to have a deeper understanding than most I have encountered. Thank you for all of your deep sharing and understanding of the Bible. I am somewhat of a pagan, but I do appreciate your thinking and beliefs! and I am sure they will be helpful to many.


  2. Geoffrey Lampard

    Memories of house meetings in the dairy farmer area around Warrnambool in Western Victoria , we would all gather at a farm house in the area and enjoy sitting around a big warm fireplace or a sweltering hot house with fans going . There would be some times 30 to 35 people consisting of 3 or four families. we would just start singing songs we all new, children would be at the feet of the Parents some times there would be general discusions or some one would bring a short talk. Breaking bread was always offered and sometimes we would have the bath filled incase baptisum was required.
    It was great . simple love for each other a real hunger for a revelation from the word and Jesus was the focal point of everyone.We would even have spiritual gifts operating as Paul instructed.
    Your gatherings sound similar.


  3. Geoffrey Lampard

    Where dose the Holy Spirit fit into the organic Church. In corinthians it speaks about having communion coming togeather and fellowship being essential for church growth.


    • Geoffrey, thanks for commenting. All of the little organic or house churches (or simple churches) that I know of, rely for their form and operation on the design revealed by God in the apostolic writings, the New Testament. They strive to be “biblical” and that certainly means relying on the work and gifts of the Holy Spirit working in each member to benefit the whole body. Most house churches I know have meals together as communion as the first churches did, rembering the Lord’s death and coming again. Fellowship is the whole key in the house churches with emphasis on mission to others.


  4. from the brief glimpse I’ve had at your blog it seems we have a few things in common. I look forward to reading more.


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