As more people read the New Testament and see what it actually says about ‘church’ and what is God’s design for us in the New covenant in contrast to the Old they begin to long for something more authentic, more participatory–what God actually wants.

Many are leaving the religious institutions. Yet they have not left the Lord Jesus.

What is the alternative?

We are certainly not to abandon fellowship.

The Lord has clearly provided the most glorious pattern for us–the Lord Jesus, himself, his example, His commands, His works and His constant obedience to what the Father said.

If He was so obedient then so must we also. God will show the way.

Just ‘as Moses was ‘faithful in all his house’ so Jesus is faithful in His house which He is building and gathering, a house not being built by earthly hands. His Design originating in the heavenly places!

The believers we read about in the N.T., though not perfect yet obeyed the voice of the Holy Spirit and the instructions of the apostles found for example in 1 Cor 1, 11-14. They carried out the plan.

But since from as early as 2ndC (and even earlier as we see trends in some N.T. letters & Revelation’s 7 assemblies) men have had their own ideas and preferred them to God’s plan.

We have thought we could change from the word of God, that we could do better ourselves. Such arrogance. Such disobedience.

The result is sectarianism, pharisaic attitudes, false teaching, mono-ministry, programs, monetization, entertainment, the loss of supernatural power and authority, timidity, maintenance of buildings, open competitiveness . . .

There is such a need to simply repent, change our minds, humble ourselves, weep and begin to radically OBEY. To admit that we have disobeyed the plain teaching and examples of Jesus and His apostles.

This will require humility, the will and some searching to do only what the Father wants and to be willing to suffer reproach loss of friends and loneliness.

A decision must be made. Either . . .

  • You keep on disobeying the word of God by continuing this ‘church’ stuff founded on what men have decided is best and trying to get God to agree with it and to bless it, or
  • You change your mind (repent) to what God wants—be founded on the words of Jesus and his apostles alone and humbly seek His guidance in actually doing it.

Then being obedient to God, you will know you are asking God to do His will and you can expect to see Him pouring out His rivers of living water—the glorious work of the Holy Spirit.


  1. jenny curtis

    Good one Ian. How are you and Joan? Miss you both. Love Jenny. 

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