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Fake Christianity

As more people read their New Testament and see what it actually says about meeting together and what is God’s design for us in the New Covenant in contrast to the old they begin to long for something more authentic, more participatory–what God actually wants.

The Lord has clearly provided the most glorious pattern for us–the Lord Jesus, himself, his example, His commands, His works and His constant obedience to what the Father said. If He was so obedient then so must we also. Just ‘as Moses was faithful in all his house’ so Jesus was/is in His house which He is building and gathering not being built by human hands.

So we also in following Him, must be faithful.

Jesus never commanded his followers to start institutions, but to make disciples, and teach them all that he taught his little flock.

The believers we read about in the N.T., though not perfect yet obeyed the voice of the Holy Spirit and the instructions of the apostles, eg 1 Cor 1, 11-14. But since as early as 2nd Century and even earlier in some N.T. letters and the 7 assemblies of Revelation, men have had their own ideas and so we come to today with pharisaism, false teaching, mono-ministry, loss of supernatural, and ended up with mere religion devoid of the Holy Spirit

We have thought we could change from the word of God, that we could do better ourselves.

God calls this Disobedience.

It is a plain and simple need to repent, change our minds, humble ourselves, weep and begin to radically OBEY. To admit that we have disobeyed the plain words of Jesus (e.g., Matthew 18:17, 23). This will require humility, the will and searching to do only what the Father wants and to be willing to suffer reproach loss of friends and loneliness.


When the apostle Paul wrote his fiery letter to the “idiot, foolish Galatians” he expressed his utter dismay that having begun with the Spirit they had fallen back to living in the flesh, that is, by their natural efforts  instead of with the power of the Holy Spirit. How could it be possible?

Do you understand the outrage that Paul plainly showed in this letter? Feel the consequences? the seriousness?

The Galatians had abandoned the wonderful life of God by which they had received the Spirit and by which God had worked miracles among them, by their believing in their hearts. Now it seemed they had experienced so much blessing for nothing. They had stopped believing what God had said, had provided. Instead they were trying to be “Christian” in their own way.

It is very, very bad to be a Christian in your own way, a D.I.Y. life.

Sadly, I know many Christians who have in the past, experienced the transforming life of the Spirit but now are running on empty, seeking after systems and traditions instead of the amazing life and abundant experience of living and walking in the Spirit–the great plan and the promise of the Father, the immersing of his followers in the Spirit.

This has to be our normal daily lifestyle until he returns.

It is a deplorable thing to have abandoned the commands of Jesus to “take the Holy Spirit”, the very provision we need to fulfil the great commission and instead use strategies and systems instead of those God has provided.

This is a woeful, terrible mistake, to despise what God has provided.

Look, the Lord has no place for those who turn their back on his ways, bought for us, his followers, at such enormous cost.

Jesus warned us that no one having put his hand to the plow and looking back, not living in the power and the fruit of the Spirit, is fit for the Kingdom of God.

Yet the Lord’s grace, forgiveness and mercy is instantly available by turning with the whole heart back to living and walking in the Spirit, to the gracious plan of the Master, to doing the works of Jesus.

The alternative is absolutely unthinkable. There can be no other way, but Jesus himself.