Australian farmlands under great threat

Please dear fellow believer in God and his righteousness,

Watch this. Get the facts about the destruction of our good farmlands and the persecution of Aussie farmers by filthy rich mining corporations. Yes. Coal seam gas and open cut coal mining. This is dirty in more ways than one.

Hurry. There is plenty more evidence if you look for it.

You will not get the truth about this from our Queensland State Government or from their conservative opponent Campbell Newman. This is a web of deceit, money-grabbing, plundering, threatening our food supply—

–while hunger increases around the world.

–while Aust is the world’s largest coal exporter and our food growing is diminishing and we are importing more.

–while we Aussies are white-washing in our efforts in sustainability.

–while all this and more is negating the efforts of many people like us are making to practice sustainability. Would you like a list?

 –while and why I go to public meetings to show my support for farmers whose lives and livelihoods are being destroyed.

 –while and WHY I have every spare bit of ground where I live growing food and learning to grow and teach others.

–while my wife and I support the enterprise FoodConnect (see by opening our garage weekly for 5 hrs so neighbours can come and pick up their pre-ordered box of fruit and veg and milk and sourdough bread and yoghurt and …. —people do this not only because of the excellent, wonderfully fresh, chemicals-free produce all grown within a few hrs of the city and arranged by a great and dedicated team of people who believe in doing the right thing … but because it is growing food sustainably and encouraging farmers to grow organically, preserving our soils and who are under real stress and are ripped off by the BIG 2 supermarkets (the world’s biggest duopoly at over 80% of retail) …. come on become a F/C subscriber!

 –while I take the time to send you this and voice my concerns.

 –while we foresee all of the little children about us who when grown will have to clean up all this mess we –our generation—have made, please do what you can. For example, our 11 grandchildren. Your children and grandchildren.

 [[Sometimes I feel it’s all too hard, too late. Dear friend do you think I should just give up? Let human stupidity and/or evil take its course? What will I say to my Judge?]]

Do you think you could join us in being serious about the threats to sustainability and good farmland being destroyed? And more?

Do we still believe that the Lord is sovereign? You bet we do. But we must demonstrate our beliefs by our lives. Otherwise our faith is unfaith.

Please help spread this short video EVERYWHERE, NOW especially now in the next few days.


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