Our great high priest and perfect sacrifice for us

We have now reached the end of the great teaching about the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus and his high-priesthood for us presented by the author of the Letter to the Hebrews. From chapter 11 to the end of the letter, he will deal with how his readers should then live in the light of what has happened. indeed everything has changed for these Jewish people who are encouraged to follow their Messiah. For next time.

So it is fitting that I end this section (chapters 1 to 10) with this illuminating message which my dear life-long friend Ruth wrote to me some time ago.

A message from Ruth

I wanted to share with you the wonder as I have been praying and listening to Joe Focht, from his commentary on Daniel, and as he spoke about the sacrifices made in Israel prior to Jesus Christ coming to earth.

He talked about how the person bringing the sacrifice was never examined, but the sacrifice was always examined!

It hit me. How often have I heard about the need for us to examine ourselves, and indeed Paul says that, and also King David in his ‘search me, oh God and see if there be some wicked way in me”.

But here I saw too, that in bringing an offering, the focus was on the sacrifice – would it be acceptable?

I thought of how, when I bring my sins to God, I need to stop and ponder if what I bring, is truly acceptable to God, and if so, as indeed it is, why would I, or anyone else who comes in the same way, ever be doubting that our sins are completely forgiven?

It highlights for me again the assurance with which we can tell others. They too can come to God through that perfect sacrifice, and know their sins are completely and perfectly forgiven.

More than that, it renewed to me that, that sacrifice, our Lord Jesus, was examined and was found perfect!

He was absolutely the only One who ever lived who could have been the sacrifice, for He alone was and is perfect.

Therefore the Word of God is perfect!

The living Word and the written Word, as God spoke it to be!

In my life I have had occasions when I have had to lay aside my doubts and questions and make a choice:

 1. To accept God and His salvation as offered, and sufficient for my sins.

 2. To know He has sent us His Holy Spirit to dwell in us, and His gifts are for today.

 3. To experience that His Word is perfect and I will choose to believe it – as we used to say as young people:  ‘His Word is true no matter what challenges it’.

What joy and liberty all three have brought to me!

And what cost, as others have been offended by this, especially Christians.

What untold confirmation He brings to these facts.

Tonight I rejoice again when I think, yes! it matters not what state I come to Him. What matters is this: Is the sacrifice perfect?

What a Saviour!


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