Article in the Guardian by Alex White, 18 Sept 2013.
Major donors to the Liberal Party prior to the 2013 election, according to the Australian Electoral Commission include mining company Santos ($227,880), Clive Palmer’s Minerology ($459,900), nickel miners Minara Resources ($358,000) and Mincor Resources ($120,000), Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group ($50,000), and oil giant Chevron ($28,500).

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Oh Australian voters! You have just made the same mistake as the policies of the two major political parties : short-term thinking; never mind the world being made unfit for the little ones growing up and destined to be burdened to fix the unthinkable mess; just think of the next year or two; just have lots of comfortable fun, material security, empty prosperity from filthy, polluting, 19th Century technology for tomorrow?

Well, tomorrow we die, don’t we? Someone else can fix it all. And yair, let’s not think of what we will say to the Judge of all, how we will justify ourselves for our gross selfishness, our greed, our love of me, me wife, me home, me car, us four, no more. Let’s just go on living in Fantasy Land.

How shall we escape the hell we are creating for ourselves, the wrath we are storing up against us? There is more than just one inconvenient truth. There is a much more critical inconvenient reality.  And it is roaring towards us fast, unstoppable.

There is only one Teacher, one Guide, one Saviour, one Father, one Name to call upon, one Way out, one righteous Governor.

And that is the good news.

4 responses to “IDIOTIC ELECTION

  1. Pathis Miros

    I’m concerned even about the title of your article. To call an election idiotic really does not respect the fact that people voted for the government we now have. As such Romans 13:1 – 13:7 also needs to be taken into account.

    As for the article you quote, which has a renowned left bias, I believe the following article–computers-got-effects-greenhouse-gases-wrong.html is much more accurate.

    Once again I submit to you, that as the leader (co-ordinator) of a group of Christians, meeting in house churches, you should not be using your blog to politicise what occurred during the election, particularly when there is a link to this from the main oikos page. Your article makes it abundantly clear which way you lean. I think it’s quite tragic, particularly given what a party such as the Greens stand for.

    I will leave it there and not write any further.


    • Dear Pathis. Thank you for bothering to comment further. I refuse to justify myself. However I do not have any connection with the Greens or any political party. I do not make public for whom I vote. I am also not the leader of people meeting in house churches. Oikos Australia is not involved with leading any house churches–we offer encouragement to people to meet simply. Further I am free to use my blog to say whatever I believe the Father would have me say. Sometimes I get it wrong and appreciate it when brothers and sisters correct me in a spirit of gentleness. I am not able to comment further on the evidence or seriousness of climate change.


  2. Pathis Miros

    I think it is sad that you are politicising your blog. You lead a house church, yet you appear to support the Greens and Labor, with their gay marriage and abortion on demand policies, instead of supporting the conservative parties. Never mind the ridiculous spending of the past Labor government, all of which has to be paid back… by whom?


    • Dear Pathis. I am not “politicising my blog”. But it seems, by your comment, you are pushing your view of politics and one particular party, as if they have divine authority. I do not support, nor do I encourage anyone to support any party. I encourage support of values which I believe arise from my understanding of the Word of God. I am not prepared to comment on party politics. Further, I do not “lead a house church.”


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