Why I Believe the Bible is God’s Word: Because People Are Stupid

[There’s this blogger called Jeff whose posts carry many valuable insights.

Here’s an example . .]

People believe all sorts of stupid things. If people didn’t believe stupid things, we wouldn’t have arguments. We do argue, therefore someone is believing stupid stuff.

The Bible claims to be The Truth. “Thy word is truth” says John 17:17.

Of course, if you don’t believe the Bible, you won’t believe the Bible’s claim to be truth. Some call this circular reasoning: I believe the Bible because the Bible says it is true, which is why I believe it.

It is circular reasoning, which is why you’ll get nowhere arguing “the Bible is trustworthy” to someone who doesn’t think it’s trustworthy.

The main reason I believe the Bible is true, and should be trusted when it claims to be true, is because I’ve spent a lot of time with people.

I have an overriding assumption about life: People are stupid.

This is a key point to grasp about life. It’s also key to remember you and I are people. I am stupid. You are stupid. We’re all stupid.

That being the case, I don’t trust people. I find people hard to believe. My brain seeks someone to believe who is trustworthy. People are not trustworthy. Therefore, I must believe someone who isn’t a people.

God is not a people, therefore, God seems like a good person to trust. So, how do I know the Bible is the trustworthy-God’s book? Why not the Koran?

This has a long answer. I’ll summarize: I’ve read the other books claiming to be God’s words. They sound too much like people.

Now the fact that I find the Bible to be a giant exception to people writing should not convince you to believe the Bible. Remember, I’m a people and therefore I am stupid.

I can’t even elaborate on what I mean by saying “the Bible doesn’t sound like people.” But it doesn’t to me. There are too many things in there that no person would say. Too many predictions that people could never make. Too much sense that I know people can’t possibly attempt to make.

The Bible stands out by itself. I have read many books. I know what people write. The Bible is no humanly written book. (Yes, human authors did the job of picking up pen and paper, but I believe the words are God-breathed words that the human writers wrote down. Yes, I’m one of those whacky Fundamentalists who believes in inspiration.)

Again, you have to make that call to trust the Bible or not for yourself.

Very few people who reject the Bible have ever read it. (Many who supposedly “believe” it have also not read it, which is frightening.) Even fewer have taken the time to understand it. Most are rejecting the Cliff Notes version they heard by some biblically illiterate old woman in Sunday School 37 years ago.

In conclusion, I believe the Bible is the Word of God and is trustworthy. I base this on the following facts:

1) People are stupid.
2) I don’t trust people.
3) The Bible is all together different from what people write.
4) The Bible is not written by people and is therefore trustworthy.

Don’t take my word for it, I’m stupid. But before rejecting God’s Word, have you even endeavored to understand it? Have you read it? Are you rejecting what people say about the Bible, or what the Bible actually says?

I believe the Bible is trustworthy. I believe God’s Word is right. If you disagree, I’m not shocked, because my underlying assumption is that you’re stupid. I also assume you think I’m stupid, which is why we both must take God’s Word seriously.

By jeff    https://antiitchmeditation.wordpress.com/2015/03/10/why-i-believe-the-bible-is-gods-word-because-people-are-stupid/

2 responses to “Why I Believe the Bible is God’s Word: Because People Are Stupid

  1. Comment from Rex via email, worth repeating :
    Hi Ian, What a hoot. I really enjoyed the article for the valid point he arrives at – the bible is so ‘other-worldly’ there is nothing else like it, therefore I believe! Amen! Our beloved God has the most complex, complete and intriguing book with literally thousands of variables all coming to one incredible point – a crucifixion. Page 1 leads eventually to that day. Backwards from the last page leads to that day. Everything in the universe centres on the day the Angels cried : THAT DAY! Just ruminatin’. Rex
    Thanks Rex–I really enjoyed your comments.


  2. Wow! Talk about a dog chasing it’s tail !


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