What happened in 70 AD changed everything

Here is a most odd thing about the New Testament : the momentous event–the fall of Jerusalem in A.D. 70 when the Roman armies destroyed the ‘holy’ city and the Jewish temple was utterly and completely wiped from the surface of the land, and that is never once mentioned as an event of the past anywhere in any of the 27 documents of the New Testament corpus. Never once!

This event was the single most climactic thing to have taken place in that period and in the lives of the first Christian believers (all Jewish) some of whom were alive when these terrible things that took place.

Some of these believers had put the words, actions and sufferings of Jesus down in writings which we know and read today as the four gospels. Three of these authors, Matthew, Mark and Luke the historian, wrote down what Jesus emphatically told the disciples : this momentous event of the destruction of the temple by foreign armies, would take place while some of them would be still alive.

This is amazing. It leaves us to believe that these 27 documents were penned before this awesome historical event took place–before 70 A D and just as Jesus foretold. Written down so very early after the events. Believe it.  

This same Jesus also foretold his sufferings and death at the hands of the occupying forces the Romans and the collaboration of the Jewish leadership of the day which took place about 30 A D. At the same time he also predicted that after three days he would be alive again. He appeared to his incredulous followers in the flesh, alive again. It changed everything.


These historical events changed everything. The shockwaves are still rebounding right around the world and even more today in 2018 A D.

Can you afford not to believe these things?

The earth will be filled with the glory of God as the waters cover the sea.





2 responses to “What happened in 70 AD changed everything

  1. Indeed, Ian. Numbers 23:19!


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