What’s new in the new covenant?

A covenant . . .

  • is a binding agreement between 2 persons (e g marriage)
  • Is initiated by one to another who agrees—says ‘I will!’
  • has stated terms and conditions
  • Is solemnly sealed in front of witnesses by a significant act

 Covenant is the same word as Testament in the original biblical (Greek) language.

So New Testament means New Covenant.

Are you living in the New Covenant? let’s see.

This is what the New Covenant looks like in contrast to the old according to the Scriptures:


So why are so many trying to live by the Old Covenant?

Are you a part of the old system which most people refer to as church? Look at the list on the left and ask yourself ‘am I living under a system like this’?

Does the old covenant list look anything like what Jesus taught?

To obey Jesus you need to be living under his Lordship and be united to him, one with him, in this new covenant in his blood. Jesus is everything. You need to be freed from the dominance of an old system. The old wineskin is inadequate for the new wine.

The Lord God is about to judge his people. It’s time to obey Jesus, the mighty son of God.

More on this in my next post. Soon. God willing.


2 responses to “What’s new in the new covenant?

  1. Brian Mallalieu

    Another good one, Ian, thanks.

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