9 May 1959.

That night was the turning point of my life. Completely. I committed my life into the hands of Jesus. Suddenly everything changed.

I was a deeply committed Anglican faithfully attending church each Sunday both morning and evening and as an altar server on Wednesday mornings very early before school and later work.

But I had no need to be ‘saved’ as they put it. Pride ruled my young life. I was good enough. I was religious. But I was a hypocrite.

But I met these two East Africans visitors to Australia who were travelling around the country and speaking in churches of their amazing Lord and their personal saviour, the Lord Jesus. They also spoke of a great movement of the Holy Spirit in East Africa and the many sacrifices made unto death of many believers under severe persecution. I went and heard them.

As I listened, it seemed as if I was suddenly made aware of a totally different life and experience and world view available to me. This was something I had always wanted—expressed from my heart came a cry: I found myself praying something like ‘Lord I want to know you’.

I realised I was heading for an eternity without God. I felt naked and ashamed and totally vulnerable.

That night seated on a garden seat with the two Africans one on either side of me, I found myself wanting what these two men had. They  possessed Christ and he possessed them. They prayed for me and I prayed as I had never prayed before.

And it happened. I was different. Things were different.

The next day while in the bathroom preparing to go to work the Holy Spirit came into my life and I knew that I knew the Lord Jesus in a personal way. I knew I had a clear access to the Lord—my faulty life my sins, were dissolved. It was dynamic.

It was a rebirth. I knew I was now ‘born from above’. I now had purpose in my life. And I just wanted to tell everybody.

I told the young friend seated next to me about Jesus as we travelled in the bus to the city. I told my workmates at the office. I told the kids in my Sunday School class. I told every girl I danced with at the regular dance in the parish hall. I told all the boys and leaders in the local boys’ society. I told my fellow architectural students. Yes I told them about Jesus and how he had found me

That year I excelled in my third year architectural studies and won the top prize. I went on to start my own practice as an architect which eventually grew into one of the largest practices in Australia. We were known locally as ‘the God squad’. We held Bible Studies in the lunch hour in our office and were joined by many people from outside the office.

Since that night 60 years ago, God has been faithful to me and endued me with his everlasting love. He has kept me from harm and taught me so many things.

Reading the Bible is still my constant desire and to this day my hunger to hear the Lord’s voice continues. And to share with others.

Tonight I am celebrating and remembering with a thankful heart.

10 responses to “60 YEARS

  1. Michael Butler

    Haha! What only Christ can do. Utterly transform a person. I’ve been speaking with Muslims in Ubers this week, reflecting on their inability to change. They are stuck where they are, everyone of them. None of us can change ourselves. Yet God has a knack with his creation. He continues to breath on us afresh by his Spirit, through his Son, and we transform like a butterfly into something beautiful. Wonderful story Ian, warmed my heart. Eternity here we come, with Christ at the very heart, in our hearts.

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    • Thank you Michael. Yes, Eternity coming! Eternity now here–eternal life now and forever. He says “whoever believes in me HAS eternal life and shall not come into judgment but has passed from death into life.” As I soon begin my 81st year on this planet, though I disappear from view, yet shall I live and according to the “I AM–the resurrection and the life” I shall never die.


  2. Daniel Lindahl

    Thanks for sharing your story, Ian. Though I’ve heard it before it always is like feeling a cool breeze on a hot summers day to remind ourselves of the Greatest Love.


  3. So wonderful to read your testimony! To God be the glory great things He has done! We thank God for you Ian Jane x

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  4. Sally Butler

    Really good, keep writing Ian, write it all down, put all your blogs into a book.

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  5. themastersfamily

    Praise God!
    The price of our salvation was so high, that only the One who created us could pay the cost. I rejoice with you in your freedom, washed in the blood of the Lamb.



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