The Bible Story Conversation

Commencing next month, I am starting another small group project at my home at Ashgrove with the object of looking at the entire biblical message from Genesis to Revelation. This is a big project and will be rigorous. There will be some startling revelations as there will be stuff people don’t  get in regular Christendom.

We will meet to make conversation with one another and with its author about the teaching of the Scriptures.

This project will include much He has taught me and stimulated me deeply over the last couple of years, including uncovering the Messiah Jesus who has been overlaid for millennia by Big-Church, Christendom and commentators of a Greek mindset. There are many sayings of Jesus that we have in our English bibles which do not reflect accurately the Hebrew meaning. So much light will be shone on the difficult words of Jesus.

It’s a challenge to think like a Hebrew!

 There will be no assignments, no direct questions asked (lots of questions to the whole group though). And if you are new to all things Christian then there is a likelihood you won’t have to unlearn much. There is a cost involved. Not of money but of time, energy and commitment. He is worthy of that and more.

 This project is designed to yield not just data, the evidence, the facts, information, but also to make transformation, to come face to face with our Creator and Sustainer and Saviour.

Who would like to join with us in this great project? Do you know anyone else who might benefit from this offer? Please phone me ASAP on 33661633 if you want to join with us in this adventure or if you need more information. Our dining table is very limited for space. So last call.

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