Choose : Love or Hostility?

Aussie blogger Onesimus posted this yesterday and i commend this message to all


Recently I’ve been posting a lot of material from and about people who recognise the need to share the gospel with those from a Muslim background, a sharing in both word and deed.

I’ve felt the need to give prominence to that ministry direction because I’ve become increasingly aware that the complete opposite is happening – that too many professing Christians are responding to Muslims with hostility and fear. And it’s happening at a time when opportunities to reach out to those from Muslim backgrounds are increasing, and are becoming more and more critical.

Many of those Muslim background people are in an extremely vulnerable position. Many have witnessed the worst of what’s being done in the name of Islam, have lost everything because of it and are in desperate need of help.

Consider what response they’ve been getting from those who are able to help.

I’ve seen far too much hostility directed against them, even by recognised Bible teachers. I’ve drawn attention to some of that in previous posts.*
While individually we may not be in a position to personally interact with a person of Muslim background, we can ALL do something about the toxic atmosphere that makes the ministry of others more difficult.

I feel that the professing Christians are at a critical point in history, when we will face the choice between obedience to Jesus and His gospel, and the security of our comfortable lifestyles. If we choose the latter we’re likely to see our fears realised and we’ll lose the security we idolised and tried so hard to protect.
And even worse than losing that revered security, those misplaced priorities potentially put our relationship with God at risk.

2 responses to “Choose : Love or Hostility?

  1. I thought you would warm to this Michael. Keep the vision and focus on Jesus, the only name they need to know.


  2. Interesting read Ian. At the end of the day yesterday, we managed to speak to some Muslim boys about Islam and Christ. They have absolutely no assurance in Islam, and they feel backed into a corner when we explain ours. Their fear can appear as arrogance as a result, but behind the facade is fear and in a lot of cases interest in Jesus. They are, after all, made in God’s image and the Son of Man died for them as much as he did for me, so I agree with the sentiments here, there is an obligation to reach out to them. Those who wish they would go away are perhaps deluded. We are called to love them, as God does.


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