Jesus is doing it still

Carl Musch is a friend of mine (connection through Oikos Australia) . He is working with indigenous people in the far North and he posted this wonderful picture and story on Facebook Sept 21 . . . . . .

Indigenous boy raised from death

This little boy was found dead at the bottom of a muddy waterhole in warm water when a bunch of children came down to swim. They dragged him out and took him to the clinic where the doctor tried to revive him but finally pronounced him dead. Then the children said “Can we pray for Jesus to heal him?”. They prayed and he coughed back to life with no effect from the ordeal except today a hunger to hear the Word of Jesus who brought him back to life…and who gives eternal life to all who call on His name.

2 responses to “Jesus is doing it still

  1. Thank you. Yes. We are warned: Unless you (followers) become as a little child you shall not see the Kingdom of God. Instead, the vast majority of us think we know better than Jesus and continue on in our broad path of destruction, making up our own religion as we go, choosing what we want to believe and ignoring the Master. How shall we escape if keep ignoring him? How?


  2. That is such a great story..and such a great picture. I’m reading the story of George Mueller (again) and Jesus certainly did it back then. There are similarities, notably “faith like a child.” God wants us to rely on him solely.


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