Billy Graham’s Faithfulness

We have all heard recently of Billy Graham’s change of address, his home-coming which he constantly spoke of with joyous anticipation. What a life! what an example! How focussed he was always on Jesus–his death, his rising, his saving grace.

I watched some of the ‘live-stream’ online of his final journey through North Carolina and to Washington to lie in state for a couple of days in the Capital Hill Rotunda, an honour so few have been  granted by the US people.

The producers gave viewers two inspiring addresses from Billy in which he showed his unwavering belief in the Word of God–‘the Bible says . . .’

These bold statements remain for me to think about afresh:

Jesus went to hell for us on the cross, so that we trusting in what he did there we we have wonderful assurance of eternal life.

God loves you, God loves you! –balanced by Jesus’ warnings to avoid at all costs the just retribution for our sin by the free gift of eternal life through and only by, the cross.

Jesus called people to follow him publicly — and to confess him before others.

God’s eternal word/warning ‘rebel against me and my word and you surely die’ and that God will not, can not, change his word, cannot lie, it is everlasting.

I thank the Lord for the life, the consistency, the graciousness, the integrity, of Dr Billy Graham and pray that the Lord of the Harvest will raise up and send many like him, as we think about his good and faithful servant.

2 responses to “Billy Graham’s Faithfulness

  1. Thanks Brian. Yes, Jesus is coming back soon! He is alive for evermore so are those who being dead, yet shall live with Him! What a future! What a privilege! He wants me! He wants you! It’s all about Him, only about Him. Forever. O, that will be glory, pleasures for ever and ever. Hallelujah.


  2. Brian Mallalieu

    Indeed, Ian, and in death his consistency & humility continued to shine brightly. His body was laid in a simple wooden box (no metalwork), made by inmates at Louisiana Gaol, and placed beside his wife. His thanksgiving funeral attended by family, many friends, the President & Vice-President, when his daughter gave a meaningful, ‘shot across our bows from heaven’, prophetic word: “Wake up Church! Wake up World! Wake up Anne! Jesus is coming back soon!” He being dead, yet speaketh! Hallelujah.


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