Met Liam a few days ago and spoke with him while he was checking out my shopping and filling bags at the supermarket.

I overheard him tell the shopper who preceded me that he was looking forward to his big trip overseas.

Liam is a likable young man, happy to talk to customers—a real asset to his employers.

As we locked eyes, I spoke “so you’re looking forward to your big trip?


Bet you’re excited.

Sure am.

How soon?

About 3 months and I can hardly wait.

Though of course in the total of our understanding of time, it’s very short.

Yes, sometimes time is not our friend.

So I said : I am also looking forward to the trip of a lifetime. And boy am I excited about it!

Oooh, where ya’ going?

Goin’ to Heaven!

Oooh! not so soon surely! he said smiling, trying to guess my age.

Well as you said a few seconds ago, in the total of our understanding of time, it’s very short.

So where are you heading ultimately? Heaven or the other place?

Oh I hope I go to the good place.

Liam, do you know who will go there, who will make the good place?

Hmmm not sure.

Well, it says that those who love God their Creator, and listen to his son Jesus for their salvation, will be looking forward to it and will be at home there.

Those who don’t want God as Jesus revealed him, will not be at home there, will be judged (who hasn’t sinned?) and be located to Hell, whatever that is like. Not good by Jesus’ reckoning. To be avoided at all costs.

Do you think about that?

Yes. I know about that (maybe good Catholic upbringing)

But have you thought seriously about it?

I know about it. But I havn’t really considered it.

Please consider. Please don’t put it off.

We parted friends, Liam and I, shopping bags packed.

Next time at the checkout?

But Time is not his friend.

Nor ours, eh?




  1. Good on you Ian, “Well done good and faithful servant”


  2. themastersfamily

    Praise God. Seed sown. Watering to come. Harvest for
    Liam soon!




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